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15% off through the month of August - coupon code: WELCOME

Celebrate with Harbor Tea & Spice as we enter the modern age with a beautiful website full of great product information. This gives you the opportunity to shop from your own homes, order what you need and even pick up and pay at the store. The tea, herb and spice collections are organized with your convenience in mind. We want to make it easier for our customers to experience great healthy flavors every day!

In this second year of business, our team continues to be committed to providing our customers with an affordable avenue to explore and celebrate a myriad of flavors with superior quality organic products on health and cooking. We believe that those seeking wellness can explore local, traditional, and rare flavors that create healthy delightful culinary treasures. We are looking forward to utilizing these platforms to continue to share from this community 'all things' valuable, yummy and creative.

Harbor Tea & Spice offers over 300 organic bulk herbs and spices and in-house spice blends, as well as over 50 varieties of organic teas from all over the world including several of our own in-house artisan tea blends. You will also find Alaskan products, unique gifts, bottles of flavor-infused olive oil and vinegar, spice and tea accessories, essential oils, aroma jewelry and more!

Stay tuned,

Harbor Tea & Spice Family

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