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We got your FLAVOR covered!

Harbor Tea & Spice is committed to providing our customers with an affordable avenue to explore and celebrate a myriad of flavors with superior quality organic products on health and cooking. We believe that those seeking wellness can explore local, traditional, and rare flavors that create healthy delightful culinary treasures.

Health is not just a matter of what we consume and how much we exercise. Our relationships with food, people, and the earth play a significant role in our wellbeing. We see the store as a venue not only to purchase superior quality products but also build insight for healthier living. Our customers will taste the difference a simple and pure ingredient can make in their daily creations. Harbor Tea & Spice believes our customers should experience great healthy flavors every day!


Janice McCann

Her passion is to deeply make a difference in the world with innovative creativity.

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THE other

Michael McCann

He has a contagious passion for excellence and for knowledge and easily builds a rapport with people.

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Leslie Rubbo

 She meets the world with a smile and believes strongly in kindness and reciprocity. 

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Mariyana McCann

She values and empowers those around her and strives to live the best life possible. 

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