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Alaska Coastal 
Alaska Coastal Seaweed at Harbor Tea & Spice

They handpick, sundry and roast this delicious seaweed. 

Alaska Coastal Seaweed Snacks- Natural, Alder Smoked, Teriyaki, Sriracha-lime

Alaska Coastal Seaweed-  Ulva Flakes,  Nori Flakes - Natural, Alder Smoked 

Alaska Harvest 

Birch Syrup is a truly unique flavor from Alaska’s forests. Birch syrup is rare because it is difficult to produce.

Alaska Gold Nugget Birch Cream Caramels

Organic Pure Birch Syrup

Alaskan Home Comfort Soaps.jpg

Soaps made of pure hydrating, unscented goats' milk soap and infused with Alaskan glacial silt for gentle exfoliation. 

Arctic Pals

Benny the Bear

Muggles the Moose

Alaskan pure sea salt
Alaska Pure Sea Salt at Harbor Tea & Spi

Handcrafted sea salt. Made in Sitka, Alaska.

Original Sitka Flake Salt

Alder Smoked Flake Salt 

Wild Blueberry Flaked Salt

Sitka Spruce Tip Flaked Salt

Arctic Chaga
Artic Chaga Tea & Microblend at Harbor Tea & Spice

"Diamond of the Forest" is an amazing gift hand-picked in the remote Alaskan Wilderness.

Chaga Microblend

Chaga Tea Bags

Chaga Extraction Tincture

 BARNACLE FOODS at Harbor Tea & Spice

Coast to Kitchen! Sustainably harvested from Alaska's bounty.

Alaskan Kelp Salsa -Bonfire, Campfire, Original, Sea Verde 

Alaskan Kelp Seasoning -  Everything, Furikake, Kelp Pow, Ocean Gold

Barnacle Foods
Chugach Chocolates at Harbor Tea & Spice

Traditionally made for the modern mouth.

Alaskan Kelp & Cayenne 

Alaska Birch Syrup Toffee 

Prince William Sound Sea Salt

Chugach Chocolate 
Homer Truffle Bear Paws at Harbor Tea & Spice

The chocolate enthusiast. Each bear paw showcases the Tlingit bear design in beautiful detail.

Variety of Bear Paw Prints 

Homer Truffle Company
HarborTea & Spice Stickers.jpg

Having fun with our 'TEA'-rrific stickers we just got from artist Corinne Danzl with Ink Goes Wild Alaska!



Ink Goes Wild Alaska
Moe's Healthcare Products at Harbor Tea & Spice

Local organic products made with love. Cold pressed oils are used.

Moe's Devil's Club Salve

Moe's Soaps - Variety

Moe's Lip Balm -Variety

Moe's Healthcare Products
Morningstar Studio
Morningstar Studio Glass Art at Harbor Tea & Spice

Handmade in Homer, Alaska by artist Linda Jones of Morning Star Studio, these enchanting fused glass art pieces,used for beauty and function, are a great way to commemorate the beauty of Alaska.

Simple Alaska
Sample Alaska Jellies at Harbor Tea & Spice

Authentic Alaskan flavors made irresistible in these jellies. 

Birch 'N Fireweed Jelly 

Birch 'N Spruce Tip Jelly 

Stoked Beekeeping
Stoked Beekeeping Company at Harbor Tea & Spice

Harvest primarily from Fireweed creating an unique and flavorful honey. Local honey made in Homer, Alaska. 

Alaskan Fireweed Honey 12oz

Alaskan Fireweed Honey 6oz

Alaskan Fireweed Honey 3oz

Wildfire & Sage
Wildfire & Sage at Harbor Tea & Spice

From the Tongass Forest comes a tea blend with Devil's Club.

Tongass Immunity Care Blend

Ingredients: Devil's Club, Usnea, Nettle, Orange Peel


Alaskan grown fire tonics!  

The Original Tundra Tonic

Dragons' Blood Fire

Pickled Tundra 

Sour Patch Spruce

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 Please                                    for product availability. 

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