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Nutmeg isn't really a nut, but the dried, egg-shaped kernel of an apricot-like fruit of an Evergreen tree native to Indonesia. This fruit produces two spices - mace and nutmeg. These two spices are interchangeable and their flavor is a combination of cinnamon and pepper which adds a nice warmth and lemony sweetness to savory or sweet dishes. Nutmeg is a stronger flavor, a bit more bittersweet with deeper woody tones that enhances foods while mace is lighter and lifts foods. 


To ensure maximum flavor, grate whole nutmeg fresh as-needed with a microplane grater to flavor cookies, pastries, cakes, bread, muffins, tea, and coffee blends. Ground nutmeg stores well as long as it kept away from direct light and heat, and offers an easy way to dispense the spice into foods and beverages. Try it on stewed fruit, oatmeal, tapioca pudding, and it is especially good with cheese. 


Nutmeg features a range of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and essential oils. Traditionally, it has been used as a remedy for numerous digestive complaints, as a mild sedative, and a boosts to blood circulation. Keep your breath smelling fresh too just add a pinch of nutmeg to your toothpaste before you brush your teeth. 



Myristica fragrans


Sri Lanka




Nut  / Cut & Sifted


Ground tisane teas and tea bags - Steep 2 to 5 minutes

Loose leaf tisane teas - Steep 3-5 minutes

Root and seed-based tisane teas - Steep 6-8 minutes

*Steep in newly boiling water (212ºF) to best release the health benefits.


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Nutmeg Powder

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