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Grains of Paradise is part of the ginger family and commonly referred to as alligator pepper. These popcorn-shaped brown seeds are often used as a pepper substitute in any dish because of its zesty flavor.

The slight aroma and layered taste is a cross between pepper, cardamom, and coriander giving it a warm and woodsy, spicy bite with slightly bitter fruity overtones. Grains of Paradise release their flavor when ground.


This intriguing spice is commonly used in West and North African cooking but is gaining traction all over the world due to its growing popularity in the culinary world. Grains of Paradise is used for the production of beer, wine, and spirits. Experiment with grains of paradise in a variety of savory to sweet dishes. It can be used on vegetables, proteins, grains, and greens. An excellent ingredient for pickling. 


It is less irritating for digestion compared to black pepper. Grains of paradise is a nutrient-packed spice with aphrodisiac, antimicrobial, and antifungal properties. On top of that, grains of paradise also has anti-inflammatory properties and many more health benefits. Talk about a superior replacement!



Aframomum melegueta




Organically Grown




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Grains of Paradise

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