Original Honey Stick

Classic clover honey, and nothing else. A HoneyStix for honey purists. Honey Stick make a great all-natural treat for lunches, after-school, and outdoor adventures. A sweet, go-anywhere snack! 




  • Each Honey Stick holds 1 tsp (5 grams) of Honey
  • Only 15 calories per HoneyStix
  • No artificial colors or ingredients Each Honey Stick is 6.5 inches long
  • Kosher Certified by the Orthodox Union

Clover Honey Stick

SKU: PP017
  • How do I eat Honey Stick” you ask?

    There are many ways to open HoneyStix, but this is our favorite:

    • Hold one end of the Straw.
    • Bite or pinch the seam.
    • The end will pop open!
    • Slide your thumb and forefinger from the bottom end of the straw towards your mouth to push out the sweet nectar inside. 

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