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Smoked chili flakes can be used as a substitute for chili flakes in just about any recipe that calls for them. The chilis are smoked to bring out the bold, spicy, smoky flavor and consist of red chilies ground to flakes which include the dried seed. Chili Flakes have a medium heat without being overwhelming when used in small amounts.


They are often used as a table condiment and provide a nice liveliness to a variety of cuisines. Chili flakes are commonly linked with pizza but also can add zest to chili, chowders, pickling, salads, homemade sausage, sandwiches, soups, spaghetti sauce, stir-fries or vegetable recipes. The flakes pair well with most spices, lemon juice, lime juice, coconut milk and they work well in combination with potatoes and tomatoes. 


Members of the nightshade family, chili peppers have a lot going for them. Capsaicin is the main bioactive plant compound in chile peppers and the more capsaicin it contains the hotter the chile pepper. Chile peppers have a long list of health benefits and will always provide you an abundance of vitamins and minerals. They are rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory plant compounds. 



Capsicum annuum L. 






Dried PepperPARTS USED:Dried Rhizome / Cut & Sifted 


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Chili, Flakes Smoked: 25-40M HU

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  • Specific: Excessive dose may cause gastrointestinal irritation or heartburn, or exacerbate gastroesophageal reflux. Cayenne preparations irritate the mucous membranes and injured or broken skin.

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