Smokey, smooth and slightly sweet, gourmet Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt works well as both a finishing or garnishing salt and also as an ingredient salt. Perfect for use on meat, poultry, fish, vegetables and eggs. A natural match in BBQ rubs, spice blends and sauces, this salt shines with poultry rubs, in Southern-inspired cooking, and even with maple syrup-sweetened candies and desserts. The perfect salt to add cherrywood-smoked flavor to homemade curing blends for bacon and hams. You can smell the flavor.


Fine Grain: Fine grain Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt is used best in your tableside salt shaker, sprinkled into saucy dishes, as an ingredient in any recipe or as a delicate, sparkling finishing salt or in grilling and BBQ blends.



Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt




A cold smoking process with natural flake sea salt and real, untreated Cherrywood.


Applewood-Smoked mushroom sandwiches with Emmental

Buffalo Beans with Cherrywood Smoked Bacon

Gluten-Free Chewy Chocolate Chippers

Roast Cauliflower with Smoky Mascarpone Sauce

Sweet Potato Bacon Quiche

Cherrywood Smoked Sea Salt, Fine

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