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Hearts, Roses and Health

February is a great month for celebrations, Valentine's Day, Presidents' birthdays and this year's Maradi Gras. It is also a great month for mindfulness of the heart as February is American Heart Health Month.

According the the American Heart Association cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the leading cause of death in America. On the average every 38 seconds someone dies from this cause. Why, we might ask. Many factors are at play including lifestyle, diet and genetics. What can we do? Become educated and aware of these three main factors in our own life. Do we get enough of the right kind of exercise and rest? What are we eating/drinking that create cardiovascular problems? What is the history of heart disease in our families?

There is so much that can be written about to answer these questions, but I bid everyone to begin your own research on this topic and take an honest stock of where you are in relation to your own heart health.

In the meantime consider a look at some herbs, spices and teas as something we can begin to add to our daily diet to start the ball rolling. For spices there are many that can be adapted in recipes or just added and sprinkled on what we are eating. Try cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, rosemary, garlic and turmeric to name a few. Teas can be made from hibiscus, nettles, rose petals, hawthorn berries olive leaf and many different green teas. These all have known benefits for the cardiovascular system as well as systems in the body.

Keeping our hearts happy and full of love also has many benefits to our health and healthy relationships so let's go ahead a celebrate Valentine's Day with our favorite people. You might tuck in a package of our Nefertiti BeauTea with the bouquet of roses or that chocolate bar as a nod to healthy drinking.

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